Talent Strategy and Workforce Design

Our unique system for creating a talent strategy

80% of school’s budgets are spent on their talent. Having a strategy for recruiting, retaining and developing that talent is essential to maintain and improve standards in learning organisations. However, little support is provided to schools about how to develop a talent strategy and design their workforce to secure these outcomes.

Our unique system for creating a talent strategy and building a secure workforce design was developed in the Oceanova Design Labs by experts in talent and education. Using a two-year time horizon for workforce design based our ‘looking round corners’ approach allows schools to scenario plan from a stable starting point and create a strategy supported by an iterative design process so you know what each next step is with your most important resource.

We use a three step process for developing talent strategies and designing workforces:

  1. Review – your current situation, explore scenarios, highlight issues and plan for the future
  2. Workshop – headteachers, talent managers and teachers work in facilitated sessions to review strategies and various workforce design scaffolds from industry and education.
  3. Build – we build strategies collaboratively using outside support where necessary. These strategies are selected and our workforce design tools (online and print versions available) help to support development of stable staff teams.